Gastschüler aus den USA

Schulbesuch im Rahmen des parlamentarischen Austauschprogrammes zwischen den USA und Deutschland

Dear, Völker-Schule Osnabrück & Faculty:

I would like to take the time to thank you for all of the wonderful experiences I received as a student while under you tutelage!

My name is Robert Little, and I recently spent six months as a foreign exchange student learning at the Völker-Schule in Osnabrück. While there, I studied to be a pharmacy technician along with a friendly group of individuals. I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning and practicing my newly gained knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, German, and several other subjects. Not only were my classmates friendly, but they always made time to help me understand the instructions of German that I had trouble comprehending.

The faculty and staff were equally accommodating. They would ask me if I had understood what was said when I had a look of confusion upon my face. The Faculty would also make sure that I was having no trouble acclimating to the German Culture. It seemed to me that the Völker-Schule really does care about their students and wants their students to not only succeed in education, but also in life.

Thanks to my time spent studying and practicing the arts of the Pharmacy Technician at the Völker-Schule. I have gained a much better understanding of Pharmacy and German.

Robert Z. Little
Pharmacy Student

Memphis, TN, USA